ASB in local Parks

Hello residents of Maghull


Anti-social behaviour


Sadly, recent vandalism has plagued several MTC parks, causing damage to fences, waste bins, newly planted trees, benches, and play equipment. Just yesterday evening, after a large group of local school children had visited Glenn Park, further vandalism resulted in a waste bin and surrounding debris being set on fire. These acts of destruction not only mar the beauty of our green spaces but also undermine community efforts toward conservation and recreation. Additionally, our grounds maintenance team has had to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up the affected areas, diverting them from mowing and carrying out maintenance in other parks.

MTC is urging vigilance and cooperation from park-goers to report any suspicious activity to the police and MTC. Together, we can work to protect and preserve our parks for the enjoyment of all.

Concerns & Complaints


If residents have any concerns about the parks, play equipment, trees, or open spaces, please contact me at


Derek Stephens

Facilities Manager