Guidance for taking part in Public Participation

  • You must be a Registered Elector in Maghull to take part in public participation.
  • You may address a meeting of the council on any issue or concern you wish to tell the council.
  • Written notice must be given to the Town Clerk 8 days before the meeting of the question(s) to be asked. This is so we can give you a full response at the meeting.
  • You will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes to speak. The Chairman has the discretion to allow extra time for you to speak.
  • You may use notes or a prepared statement to help you.
  • You must not make any party political statements to the council under public participation.
  • Apart from direct questions to the chairman, no general discussion is allowed by other members of the council about your statement.
  • The decision of the council about the statement you make will be communicated to you in due course.

Further details can be found in MTC’s Constitution