News about tree management policy

Hello Residents of Maghull


The MTC Park management team has been diligently working over the past few months, undertaking various winter and spring tasks. Notable landscape improvements have been made at Balls Wood Park, where trees and shrubs have been pruned or felled to enhance visibility and public safety. Similar efforts have also been carried out at Old Hall Park.


Additionally, plans are underway to address other urgent and non-urgent tree-related health and safety tasks at Glenn Park, Bobby’s Wood, South Meade Park and Old Hall Park in the coming weeks. These tasks, which cannot be completed during the summer nesting season for birds, aim to further improve park safety and aesthetics.


Furthermore, as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we are excited to announce that over the next month, we will be replanting over 130 trees across various parks. This initiative aims to mitigate the impact of recent tree removals and enhance the natural habitat for birds, mammals, and insects. Additionally, an additional 150 trees will be planted in our parks towards the backend of the year, furthering our efforts to promote biodiversity and preserve our natural environment.


Tree and woodland improvement projects are undertaken for various reasons, including the removal of trees posing health and safety risks, the enhancement of woodland health by addressing diseased or dying trees, and the improvement of visibility in certain areas.


For more detailed information on MTC’s tree management process, we encourage you to review our tree policy on the town council website. Maghull Town Council – Merseyside, England (


We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding as we continue to enhance our parks for the benefit of the community.


I look forward to bringing you further updates in the coming months.



Derek Stephens

Facilities Manager


February 2024



Concerns & Complaints


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