Work on play equipment in MTC parks progresses

As promised, Maghull Town Council (MTC) is thrilled to announce the commencement of work on our ambitious playground refurbishment and upgrade program. With Dodds Park, Old Hall Park, and Glenn Park leading the way, new activity trails are set to be installed throughout May, June, and July. Additionally, refurbishment of benches and swings will enhance the overall park experience for residents.


The revitalisation effort underscores MTC’s commitment to creating safer and more enjoyable green spaces for our community. We are delighted to see ongoing repairs and improvement works in various parks across the area. If your local park hasn’t received attention yet, rest assured that it’s on our radar, with plans for refurbishment and repainting over the coming months.


Responding to residents’ concerns about seating availability, MTC has taken proactive steps to address this issue. Additional seating has been installed at popular parks, including Old Hall Park, Ballswood, South Meade, Moss Park, and Round Meade. Furthermore, plans are underway to provide more benches, picnic tables, and seating options in other parks in the coming months.


We recognise the significance of parks as essential community spaces, offering safe and pleasant environments for recreation and relaxation. Through these improvement efforts, we aim to enhance the overall experience for all park visitors.

As MTC continues its commitment to enhancing green spaces and playgrounds across Maghull, we urge residents to stay informed about upcoming works and developments by visiting the council’s website and Facebook page regularly.

Together, let’s make our parks vibrant hubs of community life. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in shaping the future of our green spaces.


Derek Stephens

Facilities Manager

 Concerns & Complaints

If residents have any concerns about the parks, play equipment, trees, or open spaces, please contact me at