Information about grass cutting in parks




Dear residents of Maghull


As the rain persists, so do the challenges faced by our diligent grounds maintenance team here in MTC. Over the past few months, a seemingly endless deluge has left many of our parks waterlogged and our grass cutting schedule severely delayed.


Despite the best efforts of our dedicated team, equipped with heavy-duty motors, the saturated conditions render any attempt to cut the grass futile and risk exacerbating the already sodden turf. Understandably, this has led to unavoidable delays in our routine maintenance tasks.


However, we want to assure all residents that as soon as conditions permit, our team will be out in force to tackle the overgrown grass and restore our parks to their usual pristine condition. Your safety and enjoyment of these communal spaces remain our top priority.


In the meantime, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenging weather conditions. We appreciate your cooperation and support as we work to overcome this temporary setback together.


Thank you for your understanding.


Kind regards



Derek Stephens

Facilities Manager



Concerns & Complaints


If residents have any concerns about the parks, play equipment, trees, or open spaces, please contact me at